Write for Plan Design Xplore

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Like our content and our mission? Come join the team and write for us! It is our goal to broadcast more voices to the world of urban design and planning in Portland and the greater Pacific Northwest. Share your thoughts on our Building Portland blog or join us for neighborhood tours and help us generate our Case Studies for our Lexicon, we would love to have you on board.

We also have a number of new programs coming up that we can plug you into, from our Imagination Challenges which will be launched by the end of the year, to our future neighborhood podcast coming in the Spring. If you want to hone your interviewing skills, let’s get in touch with some of your favorite architects and developers around Portland and provide our community with the story behind the places they build and design.

The opportunities you have with P-D-X as a writer and contributor are great, we will provide you with the platform, the social media presence, and the editing power to get your thoughts and designs out into Portland’s housing conversation.

Submit your writing, or contact us for more details at Write for P-D-X