Typology Tropes: Word Search!

It is not a formal requirement that TYPE V wood frame over TYPE I podium buildings look like a Freshman Architecture studio project. (that is just a bad set of habits) - R. John Anderson

We’ve had some things to say about façade gimmicks and their cumulative degrading effects on our main streets and centers. There are many reasons why this trend is happening, not least of which is the dominance of building component manufacturers in the way we design and construct today’s buildings. Sometimes, however, it’s simply fun to point out some of the more absurd “trending memes” in façade design. We took a sharpie to this building and cleaned it up a bit in our last post, but we didn’t really talk about why it looks so silly.

Well folks, have you ever done one of those word-search puzzles?


We were looking at this building’s odd composition and noticed the precedent. The designers have used projecting flanges to “circle” arbitrary groups of windows. Perhaps the occupants could place some letters in them and spell things.