3813-3823 NE 6th Ave.

3813-3823 NE 6th Ave.

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Site Summary

The subject of our inaugural challenge is a trio of 50x100 lots located in the King neighborhood of NE Portland. These lots were selected because they’re all owned by a single owner, and look like the sort of site that might realistically come onto the market as a redevelopment opportunity. Two of the three lots are undeveloped and the middle lot contains two small houses that appear very poorly maintained and badly deteriorated.

The properties can be viewed on portlandmaps.com

Google Street View of Site, facing SW

Google Street View of Site, facing SW

The Challenge

For the inaugural Imagination Challenge from Plan Design Explore. We want to encourage innovation and creative thinking. We also want to encourage real-world solutions, because our goal is to change the way we redevelop for the better. You can treat these as a single site, or if you prefer, pick just one or two of the lots. We feel that things like existing zoning, height limits and setbacks should be considered as a starting point, but if you can make a case for a good design that doesn’t stay inside the box, we encourage you to show the world a better way!

Considerations should include

  • Economic feasibility

  • Diversity of housing types

  • Accessibility

  • Sustainability

  • Context sensitivity

  • Beauty

  • Fostering community and sociability

  • Adaptability to changing conditions in the future.

Google Street View of Site, facing NW

Google Street View of Site, facing NW


The properties are located in a district that was mostly developed in the first two decades of the 20th century. It is located close to primary and secondary arterial streets that are served by frequent transit lines. NE MLK Jr Blvd. is a block and a half to the west and NE Fremont is about one and a half blocks south. The surrounding blocks contain a mixture of small, modest houses and some duplexes and fourplexes. Most 21st century infill redevelopment in the vicinity has taken the form of single family attached row houses. We recommend a visit, or at least a few minutes exploring in Google street view.

Context Birdseye.jpg


We’re open to whatever format you choose to submit in. This can include hand sketches, 3d models created in software like Sketchup, CAD or Revit drawings, or any other medium that expresses your vision. Please include a paragraph or two describing the design idea and giving some details about it. This could include number and type of units, overall site density (units per acre), if parking will be provided, and if so, how much. We would also like to hear about your overall concept and inspiration. What is your vision for this site? Why is this the right way to redevelop it, and what lessons do you think people need to learn for similar sites?

In order to assist you, we’ve provided a context model created in Sketchup. You can shoehorn your building into this site model on Sketchup

For additional resources and information, please review the Imagination Challenges cover page.

Please email your submissions to milessisk11@gmail.com