Sample Project

Since this is the first of these challenges, we’ve provided an example of what a submission could look like. This is a quick rendition we pulled together in a couple hours on Sketchup.

Plan View

Plan View

It features 12 units arranged around a central courtyard. The courtyard is raised about 2’ above the sidewalk to create a semi-private shared open space. The back of the courtyard consists of 4 two-bedroom flats. These are accessible units. Above them are four two-story townhomes. Their entries are paired so they can share access stairs. Each wing consists of two smaller townhomes with entries directly from the courtyard. All townhouse units have private outdoor decks and partial green roofs. Sloping roofs are oriented to the south so they can maximize solar gain to roof-mounted photovoltaic cells.

Feel free to explore the 3D model in Sketchup by downloading these files:

File 1

File 2

Project Data:

  • 4 x 2-story townhouses at 1,400sf each

  • 4 x 1-story, ground level, accessible flats, 1,100sf each

  • 4 x 2-story townhouses (on top of the flats) at 1,800sf each

  • Total building area = 17,200sf

  • Site Floor Area Ratio = 1.15:1

  • Net Density = 35 Units/acre (approx.)

Feel free to add as much more detail and information as you wish.
We’re looking forward to seeing all your creativity and vision!